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Moist Heat Treatment as a Method of Improving the Nutritive Value of Icacinia Manni (Earth Ball) For Broilers   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
K.O. Ekpo and A.B.I. Udedibie* 1154

Effects of Dietary Toasted Icacinia Manni Meal on the Performance of Laying Hens

A L.E. Asuquo and A.B.I. Udedibie* 1162

Determinants of Macroeconomic Variables that Affect Agricultural Production in Nigeria.

Udensi A.I., Orebiyi J.S., Ohajianya D.O., and C.C. Eze 1169
Variability of Selected Physico-Chemical Properties of Soils Affected by Different Land-Use Practices in Owerri Southeastern Nigeria.   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
Agim1 L.C., Chris-Emenyonu1 C.M, Obasi1 S.N, Isika P2, Okoro L. C2, and Nwachukwu M2 1174
Choice of Participation in Different Income Generating Activities of Rural Farm Households in Imo State, Nigeria.   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
Korie O. C. 1183
Comparative Evaluation of Haematological Profile of West African Dwarf and Red Sokoto Goats Reared In Humid Southeastern Nigeria   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
Obua, B.E., Amaechi, N and Osodeke, S 1190

Control of Rice Blast (Magnaporthe Grisea) Disease Using Various Organic Manures

Obilo, O. P., Daniel, A. E, Ihejirika, G.O., Ofor, M.O., and Adikuru, N.C.          1198
Determinants Of Farm Income Generating Strategies Among the Rural Farm Households in Imo State, Nigeria   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
1KORIE. O.C, 2Okorji E.C, 2Nwgbuo E.C. 1Eze, C.C. 1Lemcchi J. I, 1Ibekwe, U.C. 1 Ohajianya, D.O1, 1Onyeaguocha S.U,1 Nwaiwu. I.U and 1Osugiri I.I 1206
Determinants of Revenue Among Small Holder Irrigation Vegetable Farmers in Imo State Of Nigeria.   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT

Osuji M.N, Ohajianya, D.O, Lemchi, J.I, Eze C.C, Henri – Ukoha, A, Onwuagba I .J

Disease Status of Clarias Gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) and Some Fish Ponds in Asaba, Nigeria   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
Agatha A. Nwabueze 1216
Efficiency and Sustainability of Selected Organic Manures on a Degraded Ultisol in Owerri, Southeastern Nigeria   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
B. U. Uzoho 1223
Use of Fermented Cassava, Palm Kernel Cake and Dried Brewer’s Grains to Produce Maize-Free Low-Cost Diets For Young Growing Pigs   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
B.C. Anyaegbu, B.O. Esonu, M.C. Uchegbu and A.B.I. Udedibie 1230
Evaluation of the Nutritional Value of Neem (Azadirachta Indica) Leaf Meal on the Performance of Finisher Broilers   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT

Gender Role Perceptions and the Changing Role of Women in Nigeria

NWOSU, I. E. 1240
Assessment of Pb Concentration of Arable Soils around Oil Exploration Sites In Niger- Delta, Nigeria   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
U.N. Nkwoparaa, J. O. Omekeb, and S.N. Obasia 1247
Micropropagation of Cocoyam (Xanthosoma Sagittifolium) Using Different Levels of Benzylaminopurine (Bap)   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
N.C. Onwubiko, 1 O.F. Ehirim, 1 E.R Onuoha1 and V.N.Onyia2 1253
Determinants of Net Returns From Garden Egg (Solanum Melongena) Production in Imo State, Southeast Nigeria   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
Nwaiwu I.U; Eze C.C; Onyeagocha S.U.O; Ibekwe U.C; Korie O.C; Ben-Chendo N.G;  Henri-Ukoha A.; Osuji M.N; Kadiri F.A and Ukoha I.I. 1258
Gross Margin Analysis Of Plantain/Banana (Musa Spp) Production in Abia State, Southeast Nigeria   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
Profitability of Honey Production Enterprise in Umuahia Agricultural Zone of Abia State, Nigeria   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
S. O. MBAH 1268
Proximate Composition and Anti-Nutritional Factors of Some Forage Species Used in Feeding Rabbits  in Umudike, Humid Southeastern Nigeria   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
Obua, B.E., Okocha, C.N. and Nwaoha, L.E. 1275
Communication Factors Affecting Farmer Adoption Of Selected Innovations In Owerri Agricultural Zone Of Imo State   DOWNLOAD FULL TEXT
Chukwu, A.O., G.C. Onubuogu, J.C Nwaiwu and Okoli V.B.N. 1287
Effect of Socio-Economic Variables on the Profit Levels of Homestead Catfish Farmers in Edo State, Nigeria  
Some Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Arable Soils around Selected Oil Exploration Sites in the Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria  
U.N. Nkwopara a *, J.O. Omeke b E.T. Eshetta, E. Ihema, B.N. Ndukwua, and S.N. Obasia
Survey of the Diversity of Forage Plants Used in Feeding Pigs in Smallholder Farms in Southeastern Nigeria  
Obua, B.E.,1 McAlbert, F.U.,2 Okoro, B.O 3 and Efrenie, S1
Use of Indigenous Knowledge System by Farmers of Isu Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria  
1Onoh, P. A,2Peter-Onoh, C.A.,1Echetama, J.1Ugwoke, F.O,3Ekwugha, E.U

Nursery Insect Pests of Moringa Oleifera Lam in Owerri Area, Imo State, Nigeria.

*Ojiako, F. O1., Enwere, E. O1., Dialoke, S. A1., Ihejirika, G. A1., Adikuru, N. C1. and O. E Okafor2
Attractancy of maize solvent extracts to Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)  

*Ojiako, F. O.1, Oparaeke - Amadi, A. M.2, Adindu, O. C.1 and Ahuchaogu, C. E.1

Comparative Analysis of the Performances of Adopters and Non-Adopters of Yam Minisett Technology in Kwara State, Nigeria  
Omotesho, O. A., *Falola, A.; Muhammad-Lawal, A. and Oyeyemi, A.